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  Foodland Helps Food Banks in North Durham

Dec 21, 2012 15:36 ET

It started as a simple idea from police officer Danny Mitchell of North Division. If every officer donated $10, the Division could buy a substantial amount of food for the three northern food banks in Durham Region.

That idea led to about $600 in cash and Cst. Mitchell then thought about approaching local grocery stores to see how much food he could buy.

The owners of Foodland in Port Perry stepped up and matched the $600 with an additional $600, resulting in $1200 worth of food going to food banks in Scugog Township, Uxbridge Township and Brock Township.

"It's been phenomenal," says North Division Inspector Mitch Colling, "What started out as a small step to help our neighbours turned out to be a very large step."

Insp. Colling and Cst. Danny Mitchell recently attended Foodland in Port Perry and were provided with shopping cart after shopping cart filled with food from Foodland franchise owners Michelle and Brian Shaw.

In the true spirit of Christmas, everyone lent a hand and the northern food bank shelves were replenished.

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Insp. Colling, The Shaws and Cst. Mitchell with the Generous Donations (JPG file, 269.6K bytes)
North Division Officers with Bags of Food for the Food banks (JPG file, 261.1K bytes)