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  Teaming Up This Weekend to Fight Impaired Driving

Mar 15, 2013 13:21 ET

Officers will be focusing on roadway safety with a region-wide RIDE initiative surrounding St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this weekend.

D/Cst. Dave Ashfield reached out to the Toronto Police Service and the OPP to ensure safety and enforcement on our roadways.

“We want to remind citizens if they are going to participate in the various activities surrounding St. Patrick’s Day, that they plan ahead and make sure they can get home safely,” said D/Cst. Ashfield.

The consequences for being charged with an impaired driving offence begin with a one-year licence suspension and the fines start at $1,000. It can cost you personally, upwards of $10,000 with fines, raised insurance costs, legal fees and ignition interlock installation and maintenance fees.

Those charged with impaired driving offences during the Festive RIDE campaigns in 2010 and 2011 have a conviction rate of 91 per cent.

So make the right decision. Don’t drink and drive.

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ride thumb (JPG file, 27.0K bytes)
Officers answer questions from various media outlets in regards to the campaign (JPG file, 101.3K bytes)
Sgt. Dave Woodford, D/Cst. Dave Ashfield and Cst. Glen Hunt will be on patrol this weekend (JPG file, 126.3K bytes)