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  Officer Featured on Show Discussing Perils of Social Media

Mar 20, 2013 14:02 ET

Det. Randy Norton, of our Internet Child Exploitation Unit, was featured on CTV News discussing the dangers of the social media apps young people are using to convey messages, images and tweets in real time. Apps like Snapchat, Kik Messenger and Instagram are allowing youth to communicate in the blink of an eye and without much thought to the consequences.

Two Ohio teens were recently found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl at a party last summer. One of the teens was also found guilty of a second charge - taking a picture of the girl and sending it to other people. Evidence was gathered by officers after searching through 396,000 text messages, 308,000 photos/pictures and 940 video clips taken from cellphones. Yesterday, two female youths were arrested after posting threatening messages to the victim over Facebook and Twitter.

“Kids are fearless in today’s society; they don’t realize what the repercussions are for sending out these messages like harassment, bullying and extortion,” said Det. Norton. “We need to reach out to the kids, and their parents, to educate them.”

To view the news story, click here.

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