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  Live to Air From the Kids' Safety Village

Apr 04, 2013 14:43 ET

The Kids’ Safety Village had a special guest drop by today to help promote important safety tips.

Anwar Knight from CTV News went to air live from the village with Cst. Astrid Morse and kids from Sir William Stephenson Public School to promote awareness for kids.
Messages about railway crossing safety, hydro stations, bicycle safety and strange danger were all addressed throughout the lunchtime newscast.

“We are thrilled to have Anwar and the CTV News team here,” said Cst. Astrid Morse. “Any opportunity to promote safety messages to our kids is great for us.”

With the arrival of spring, more children will be outside playing in parks, throwing balls and riding bikes and DRP would like remind parents, teachers and caregivers to go over some safety tips to ensure their wellbeing.

Click here for safety tips on a variety of topics.

Play safe!

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Cst. Morse helps the kids cross the road safely (JPG file, 158.8K bytes)
Anwar learns some safety tips about hydro lines from Michelle, Madison and Ivy (JPG file, 151.0K bytes)
A high-five for safe crossing (JPG file, 145.5K bytes)
Teaching the kids safety at a railway crossing (JPG file, 172.2K bytes)