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May 08, 2013 07:50 ET

With the warm weather upon us, more motorcycles will be hitting the road. Please review these important driving tips for both motorcycle enthusiasts and motorists to ensure safe travels for everyone this season.

For Motorcycles

Wear the appropriate protective gear. 15 per cent of injuries and 10 per cent of deaths were due to riders not wearing helmets.
• Always wear a properly fitting helmet that is not too tight and not to lose.
• All helmets must be DOT (Department of Transportation) approved.
• Wear bright and reflective clothing to increase visibility to motorists.
• Protect your skin and wear the proper jacket with shoulder and elbow pads, pants, leather gloves and boots.

Be extra cautious at intersections. One-third of motorcycle accidents occur at an intersection.
• Watch for vehicles making left-hand turns or pulling out from a side street.
• Motorcyclists should try to avoid riding in driver’s blind spots as you can become completely hidden.

Never Drink and Drive
• Alcohol and prescription drugs can affect your ability to control your motorcycle safely, increasing your chances of a collision.
• Drinking and driving can have serious legal repercussions.

Maintain Visibility
• Use your indicators for all lane changes and turns.
• Riders should never drive directly in the middle of the lane. Driving a little to the side increases your visibility to drivers and blocks vehicles from trying to squeeze by.

Don’t Exceed the Speed Limit
• Loss of control due to speeding is a major cause of motorcycle accidents.
• Look out for potholes, loose gravel and other hazardous road conditions.
• Watch for sharp turns and take them slowly.
• Decreased visibility, rain and strong winds can cause you to lose control.

Things to Know
• Know your motorcycle and how to react to problems.
• Taking a motorcycle course will enhance your knowledge and skills on the road.
• Always check the tires on your bike for the correct pressure after winter.
• Check oil engine and fluid levels and make sure mufflers are in good condition.

For Drivers

Share the Road
• Treat motorcycles like any other vehicle.
• Keep a two-second distance behind the vehicle in front of you.
• Be cautious of turning left behind a motorcycle. It can be hard to judge their speed, and their turn signal may have been left on because they don’t automatically shut off.
• Motorcycle turn signals can be hard to see. Always watch for signs of turning such as shoulder checking or leaning.

Assess the Speed of the Motorcycle
• It is hard to judge the speed of a motorcycle, so never pull out in front of, or cut one off.
• Speeding and tailgating are more dangerous to drivers on motorcycles, so avoid these aggressive tactics.

Be a Courteous Driver
• Give drivers space to change lanes
• Properly signal all turns and lane changes.
• Check your mirrors so you are aware of the vehicles around you.
• Always check your blind spot for other vehicles and motorcycles before changing lanes.

Never Drink and Drive
• Alcohol and prescription drugs can affect your ability to control your vehicle safely, increasing your chances of an accident.
• Drinking and driving can have serious legal repercussions.

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