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  DRPS Out in Support of McHappy Day

May 09, 2013 11:55 ET

Throughout the Durham Region DRPS members were at McDonald’s restaurants handing out meals, blowing up balloons, and taking donations in support of the annual McHappy Day.

Chief Mike Ewles and Sergeant Emmanuel Iheme were in Oshawa at the Ritson Rd. McDonald’s location and they were joined by members from Oshawa Fire Services, Justice Ontario, and other local organizations.

In Whitby, Deputy Chief Scott Burns and D/Cst Ryan Rayner were accepting donations from customers as they pulled up at the drive-thru, and handing out car air-fresheners in return.

This was the second year at the Ritson McDonald’s, the busiest in the Oshawa/Clarington region, for Chief Ewles. “McDonald’s has always been a great community partner with us,” Chief Ewles said. “McHappy Day is an excellent way to support kids and their families in our community. Last year I worked at the drive-thru window handing out orders, and it gives you a real appreciation for the hard work the employees do, not only getting orders out fast, but creating a positive atmosphere for customers.”

This year marks the 20th anniversary of McHappy Day, and $1 from the sales of Big Macs, Happy Meals, and hot beverages from McCafé are donated to Ronald McDonald House Charities and local children’s charities. Community Relations Representative Robin Burns said that money raised this year will be going to the Toronto Ronald McDonald House. Last year more than $8 million was raised across 1,400 McDonald’s locations in Canada.

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Chief Ewles helps Amanda take some orders (JPG file, 411.5K bytes)
Manager Cathy, Sgt. Iheme and Chief Ewles create balloon tree (JPG file, 412.9K bytes)
D/Cst. Rayner and Deputy Chief Burns accept donations  (JPG file, 377.0K bytes)
Deputy Burns and D/Cst. Rayner join Barb from Whitby Public Library (WPL), Kristen and Rebecca from McDonald's and Judy from WPL (JPG file, 423.1K bytes)