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  Buckle Up Behind the Wheel

May 16, 2013 09:27 ET

Canada Road Safety Week continues with Durham Regional Police reminding drivers to buckle up with the release of the latest video, as the focus shifts from impaired driving to the next of the "Big 4" killers, failing to wear or improper use of seatbelts.

Seemingly the easiest job for any driver, Transportation Canada statistics shows that 93 per cent of drivers are wearing their seatbelts; however, the remaining seven per cent of drivers who arent buckled up account for nearly 40 per cent of fatalities in vehicle collisions.

In 2011-2012 12 per cent of life threatening personal-injury collisions were attributed to the failure or improper use of seatbelts in the Durham Region.

Motorists should ensure that all of the occupants in their vehicle are properly buckled. This simple task accounts for approximately 1,000 lives saved in Canada each year. Not using seatbelts properly can result in fines, the loss of demerit points, or reduction in insurance settlements should you be involved in an accident.

The Durham Regional Police are asking drivers to be mindful of the Big 4 throughout Canada Road Safety Week. These include:
Impaired Operation of a Vehicle by alcohol or by drug
Failure or Improper Use of Seatbelts
Aggressive Driving
Distracted Driving

Watch the DRPS video on seatbelt safety here

More information can be found at, our Facebook page and YouTube channel, or by contacting Sgt. Glenn Cournyea of the Traffic Services Branch at 1-888-579-1520, ext. 5262.

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seatbelt thumb (JPG file, 38.4K bytes)
An image from a fatal collision on Durham roads where the person failed to wear a seatbelt  (JPG file, 235.3K bytes)