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  Recognizing Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Jun 14, 2013 15:13 ET

The DRPS would like to recognize Annual Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15 by bringing attention to those issues affecting seniors in our community.

Elder abuse can present in various ways from emotional and physical to financial. One shocking statistic is that up to 80 per cent of abuse is financial and the elderly person is most likely to be taken advantage of by an immediate family member or an unrelated caregiver. A recent survey revealed as many as one in four seniors receive some form of abuse in our society.

Please take the opportunity to learn more about the effects of elder abuse, signs of neglect and abuse, prevention methods, support services, and much more. The importance of awareness, education, empowerment of seniors, as well as intergenerational relationships, all play vital roles in preventing our seniors from becoming victims.

To learn more about elder abuse, please visit or to contact DRP’s Senior Support Coordinator, email

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