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  Boys of Summer

Jun 21, 2013 14:58 ET

On the first official day of summer, DRP will celebrate by highlighting the most unique members of our Service: our K-9s. Over the next eight weeks, we’ll feature one of our beloved members every Friday.

Created in 1990, these well-trained dogs and their police handlers have successfully apprehended criminals, recovered missing persons, detected narcotics and explosives, and performed building and open-ground searches throughout the region. With a compliment of eight Canine Handlers and police dogs, the Canine Unit is a highly visible and well-respected part of the service.

Our specially trained dogs: Blitz, Brock, Havoc, Reese and Vegas are general-purpose dogs. Magnum and Ozzy are specially trained for narcotics and weapons and Hemmi is an expert in explosive detection.

Did you know?

• In 2012, our K-9s located 111 people in 2012, either as missing persons or as suspect apprehensions and recovered 97 articles of evidence
• That each vehicle comes equipped with a “Hot Dog” system. The windows will automatically roll down and the horn will sound if the interior temperature of the vehicle reaches an unsafe temperature

Watch for next week when we feature Police Service Dog Ozzy.

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