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  Officers, Communicators Honoured at Survivor Day

Jun 24, 2013 14:05 ET

A number of DRPS officers and 911 communicators were honoured on June 21 for their role in saving the lives of heart attack victims at the Survivor Day ceremony, held at the Ajax Convention Centre.

Recipients were presented with the Lightning Bolt Award for their efforts that occurred in the past year. The event is organized by the Central East Prehospital Care Program at Lakeridge Health, and awards are given to police, fire and ambulance (EMS) personnel in the region, as well as citizens who assisted in saving lives those who suffered a cardiac arrest.

Having the proper knowledge of how to respond to a cardiac arrest can increase the odds of survival by 30 per cent or more. With the use of CPR combined with an automated external defibrillator (AED), the likelihood of survival can be as high as 75 per cent or more.

For more information on visit the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Officers who received the award were: Sgt. Chuck Latour, Sgt. Doug Morse, S/Sgt. Bob Elliott, D/Cst. Kevin Dunlop, D/Cst. Wes King, D/Cst. Eric Mamers, Cst. Brad Arnott, Cst. Bryon Bacon, Cst. Nicholas Baldini, Cst. Brett Barriage, Cst. Gary Branton, Cst. Lindsey Butt, Cst. John Cadorin, Cst. Andrew Chmelowsky, Cst. Kristina Dalziel, Cst. Devon Doyle, Cst. Craig Etheridge, Cst. Stephen Finnegan, Cst. Tyler French, Cst. Jason Green, Cst. Robbie Harding, Cst. Christopher Kane, Cst. Jeff Kollaard, Cst. Miodrag Krivokapic, Cst. Kevin Legge, Cst. Euan Mackay, Cst. Ken Minister, Cst. Brendon Peters, Cst. John Powell, Cst. Nicholas Rendell, Cst. David Shaw, Cst. Brad Spratt, Cst. Jonathan Stinson, Cst. Paul Stuart, Cst. Colin Thompson, Cst. Ted Todorovski, Cst. Jonathan Westcott, Cst. Jeffrey Williams

Communicators who received the award: Jen Albon, Laurie Arnott, Samantha Bedford, Anna Mae Bleakley, Colin Charles, Kim Cheston, Todd Foster, Marci Galley, Kim Gibbons, Krystie Graham, James Harwood, Megan Hood, Angie Hoover, Christina Kyc, Cindy Lang, Ian Langley, Karelyn LeClair, Paula Mayers, Pauline McKnight, Kate Mitchell, Shawn Muir, Suzanne Newby, Laurie O'Connor, Tracy Parker, Janice Pettit, Sara-Lynn Power, Liz Powers, Stacey Quesnelle, Vicky Reid, Stacey Spriggs, Brigid Stewart, Shellie Taylor, Tracey Thompson, Meaghan Tilley, James Timmins, Peter Tomlin, Sheri Wallace, Robin White, Stephanie Wilson, Amy Wilson-Ross, Cindy Young

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Cst. Williams with Superintendent Maiorano and Deputy Chief Martin (JPG file, 282.0K bytes)
Cst. Legge with Superintendent Maiorano and Deputy Chief Martin (JPG file, 266.8K bytes)
Superintendent Maiorano, Deputy Chief Martin with Communicators Cindy Lang, Todd Foster, Suzanne Newby and Tracy Parker (JPG file, 313.6K bytes)
Cst. Cadorin and a survivor  (JPG file, 263.2K bytes)