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  Boys of Summer - K-9 Ozzy

Jun 28, 2013 13:18 ET

Our first “Boy of Summer” features K-9 Ozzy. His handler, 24-year member Detective Constable Jim Stephenson, tells us a little bit about his four-legged friend and partner.

1. What kind of dog is Ozzy and how old is he?

Ozzy is a sable, German Shepard who is six-years old.

2. When did he join DRP?

He joined in October of 2007, only a few months after he was born

3. What kind of specialty training does Ozzy have?

He is trained as a General Purpose dog, and is cross-trained in narcotics and firearms detection

4. Can you tell us about some of Ozzy’s career highlights?

In Nov. 2011, we responded to a call in Pickering where two males, armed with a knife, were fleeing through neighbourhood backyards. With the assistance of responding officers and Air 1, Ozzy was able to locate one suspect hiding under a deck and the second one under some bushes.

This past spring a male party had fled the scene of a collision involving some injuries to the other driver. Ozzy tracked the male into a marsh, where we repeatedly sank into waist-deep water and muck, which made progress extremely difficult. But Ozzy persevered and kept tracking until the male was located and he wisely, surrendered to police.

5. What about some fun facts about Ozzy?

On my birthday in the summer of 2011, we located three suspects: one on a sidewalk and two hiding under a deck. It was a great gift from my partner and I thanked him with an extra cup of food after work.

As a music fan, both Ozzy and my former K-9 partner Rush were named after the legendary Ozzy Osbourne and great Canadian band, Rush.

Look for K-9 member Blitz as the Boys of Summer continues.

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