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  Flood Safety

Jul 09, 2013 12:20 ET

With the recent heavy rainfall in the Greater Toronto Area and more in the forecast, the Durham Regional Police are asking for parents and children to take extra precautions around potentially dangerous waterways.

Rivers, creeks and streams are all running at higher than normal water levels, and residents should exercise caution around these areas. Parents are advised to inform children of the hazards posed by these bodies of water, which can include:

• Banks around rivers, creeks and streams eroding and becoming unstable
• Washouts of roads and pathways near water or in low-lying areas
• Damage done to bridges by high water levels

It only takes about six inches of fast-moving water to knock over an adult, and approximately 12 to 18 inches to carry away most vehicles. If you see an area that is flooded, avoid the area at all costs. Due to the murky water, the depth can be hard to determine, especially at night. Drivers should exercise extreme caution when travelling through low-lying areas, near water and while travelling below underpasses.

Basements are also more prone to flood during these situations. In the event of a basement flood, residents can call their local Region of Durham depot:

• Ajax / Pickering Depot: 906-683-1471
• Oshawa/Whitby Depot: 905-655-3344
• Orono Depot: 905-983-5116
• Scugog Depot: 905-985-7170
• Sunderland Depot: 705-357-3140

Call your insurance company as soon as possible to report any property damage. Remember to take photos of the damage and to keep receipts from any emergency repair work or clean-ups done.

For more information related to basement flooding and what to do in the Durham Region, visit

Further flood safety information can be found at a href="

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