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  Safety Tips with Officer Astrid

Jul 15, 2013 12:12 ET

Water safety is always an important issue during the summer months. Pools are open, lakes are warm and swimming is a part of enjoying the weather.

This month “Safety Tips with Officer Astrid” looks at how kids can stay safe while playing in the water. To watch the video, click here.

For younger kids, a life jacket should be worn while playing in or near pools, creeks or lakes. Adults also need to remember that life jackets are necessary for all boat passengers regardless of age.

Adults need to check and make sure that kids’ life jackets fit properly. They should not be too loose, or so tight that it restricts movement, but should fit so that they allow for comfortable movement without falling off. Before jumping in, kids need to be aware of the depth of the water, as shallow lakes and pools can be dangerous. Kids should also only be in the water when they’re under constant adult supervision.

To view the rest of the “Safety Tips with Officer Astrid” series, visit our YouTube channel.

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