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  Boys of Summer - Magnum

Jul 26, 2013 10:57 ET

Magnum and his handler Detective Constable Kevin Dunlop are up today in our “Boys of Summer” series. When the duo aren’t teaming up on patrol, this fun-loving K-9 and his handler are enjoying the water up north this summer, with Magnum’s canine brother, Trooper.

1. What kind of dog is Magnum, and how old is he?
Magnum is a German Sheppard who has a birthday coming up in August, and will be turning seven years old.

2. When did he join DRP?
He started his training in October of 2007, and began his patrol duties in January of 2007, making him in his sixth year of service.

3. What kind of specialty training does Magnum have?
Magnum is trained as a General Purpose dog, and has skills in tracking lost, missing or wanted persons, suspect apprehension, locating suspects, and detecting drugs and firearms. In 2012, Magnum was certified in the United States as a U.S. Police Patrol/Drug Detection K-9 with the National Association of Professional Canine Handlers.

4. Can you tell us about some of Magnum’s career highlights?
Magnum has been involved in several K-9 arrests for serious offences: bank robberies, shooting and stolen vehicles.

In 2009, he was one of two K-9s who located a missing elderly male in Whitby during the winter, helping save the man’s life.

This past March, he tracked two armed suspects involved in a violent home invasion in Oshawa for several kilometres through heavy bush before the suspects were arrested by officers as they attempted to flee in a getaway vehicle. A loaded handgun was recovered during the arrest.

Just a few weeks ago, Magnum was involved in a residential break-and-enter in north Pickering. Magnum located and apprehended a suspect who was hiding on the rural farmland. He then tracked two more suspects for nearly two kilometres through the woods, and wheat and corn fields as they did their best to hide from Air1. Magnum eventually apprehended a second suspect and located the third.

Magnum has also assisted in a number of other police services’ calls for assistance.

5. What about some fun facts about Magnum?
Magnum is known for his playful demeanor and his high-pitch puppy bark over the police radio when he’s making noise in the background. He’s been used in numerous police K-9 demonstrations and school presentations. He loves being around kids and is very social.

When it comes to tracking criminals, he’s on his game and it’s always business.
Magnum loves his job and can’t wait to be working. Once he knows he’s going to work, he jumps right in the truck with his tail wagging.

He’s shown his dedication to policing after he was involved in an armed persons call at a local hospital where, if it wasn’t for Magnum, someone could have received serious bodily harm. Magnum apprehended the suspect, which prevented him from getting to his weapon that was lying on the ground, potentially saving lives.

Be on the lookout, as our "Boys of Summer" feature rolls on next Friday.

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