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  Boys of Summer - Hemmi

Aug 02, 2013 10:50 ET

Boys of Summer – Hemmi

This week, our “Boys of Summer” takes a look at Detective Constable Corby Wright and his K-9 partner, Hemmi, a quick learner who simply can’t get enough of his job.

1. What kind of dog is Hemmi, and how old is he?
Hemmi’s a German Sheppard, who was born in Slovakia, and he’s five-years-old.

2. When did he join DRP?
This year marks Hemmi’s fourth year as a DRP K-9.

3. What kind of specialty training does Hemmi have?
Hemmi has specialized training in the detection of firearms and explosives.

4. Can you tell us about some of Hemmi’s career highlights?
A convenience store in Whitby was the site of an armed robbery that saw the store clerk cut with a knife during an altercation after two armed suspects rushed the counter demanding money and cigarettes. We arrived on the scene first and checked on the clerk. Thankfully, the only minor and we were then provided with a brief description of the suspects, and were told they had exited the store and travelled to the right. The store was on a main road, but was surrounded by residential subdivisions. Hemmi tracked the suspects from the store, along the sidewalk into a small park, and then to a house in a subdivision. Officers knocked on the door and after speaking with the homeowners it was determined that the suspects were inside. Two suspects were arrested, and a third was found hiding under a bed. Money and cigarettes were also found inside the home. The group of suspects had been responsible for numerous commercial robberies in Whitby and Pickering.

We were called to the scene of a domestic assault in north Durham where a male had assaulted his girlfriend, leaving her with a black-eye and a swollen lip. When the other officers first arrived, the male was still there. A number of other people were at the residence, and while officers were speaking to them, the male concealed himself behind a door leading outside, and slipped out without being noticed. By the time Hemmi and I arrived, the male had a 40-minute head start on us. The man was under the influence of alcohol and cocaine at the time, and had taken off into the cold -18 degree weather wearing only a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. After more than an hour tracking through farm fields, bush, train-tracks, a sandpit and sparse residential areas, Hemmi located the male trying to hide in the darkness of a landscape business property. By the time we apprehended the suspect we had tracked him slightly more than 8 kilometres, the longest track in Durham canine history.

5. What about some fun facts about Hemmi?
Hemmi’s been clocked with radar running at a speed of 51 km/h and was still picking up speed at the time. With his specialized training, he can detect 20 different types of explosive materials.

I first got Hemmi at the age of 14 months. He’s a quick learner, and is extremely intelligent. He gets excited when we’re going to work because he loves his job so much.

Our "Boys of Summer" series continues next week.

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