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  Stay Safe this Long Weekend

Aug 02, 2013 12:25 ET

With another long weekend here, the DRPS is reminding residents to stay safe during what is traditionally one of the most dangerous weekends in Ontario. The increased traffic on roads and waterways means that motorists and boaters both need to remember the importance of safe operation of their vehicles and vessels.

For both drivers and boaters, refrain from having alcohol before getting behind the wheel. Laws surrounding impaired operation of a vessel are connected to the laws regarding impaired driving, and penalties can include a driver’s license suspension, a fine or even incarceration.

Motorists should be prepared for slower travel times because of the increased traffic. Plan ahead for any potential delays, and be sure to secure any trailers or other loads connected to the vehicle.

Boaters need to ensure that all required safety equipment is aboard their vessel. To see what is required for your boat, click here.

Last year in Durham, two people drowned during the Civic long weekend, so for those taking to the water for a swim, safety is also important. Statistics show that young children between the ages one to four, and males aged 15 to 44 are at the highest risk of drowning. For adults that are involved in water-related fatalities, the factors often include the current and alcohol consumption. Children should always be supervised by an adult when in the water – not another child. For anyone diving into the water, be sure to know the depth before plunging in.

The DRPS is proud to support the Canadian Safe Boating Council and Operation Dry Water this Civic holiday. For more information, visit:

Stay safe, and enjoy your long weekend!

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