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  Boys of Summer - Brock

Aug 16, 2013 11:24 ET

This week we are looking at the newest member of the DRPS K-9 Unit, Brock. His handler, D/Cst. Jason Dickson, says Brock may be young but he is already proving to be a great member of the K-9 team.

1. What kind of dog is Brock, and how old is he?
With black and tan markings, Brock is a 22-month old German Shepherd.

2. When did he join DRP?
Brock started his four months of intensive training in 2012 and has been on active duty for eight months.

3. What kind of specialty training does Brock have?
Brock is trained as a general patrol dog.

4. Can you tell us about some of Brock’s career highlights?

A victim was robbed at gunpoint by two males who took his cellphone. Brock and I conducted an evidence search where we located related headphones at the scene location. The victims cellphone was located 200 meters from the scene damaged. Brock located and dugout a replica handgun buried in a nearby snow bank.

A male and female were standing out front of a convenience store on in Oshawa when an unknown male approached them. The male suspect produced a large kitchen-style knife and ordered them to empty their pockets. The male suspect took a wallet and purse, and then fled the scene. Brock and I arrived on-scene and began to track the suspect. Brock tracked to a residence and at the same time a male exited the residence with the stolen purse in his possession. He was taken into custody.

5. What about some fun facts about Brock?
Brock was named after General Sir Isaac Brock - a Hero of Upper Canada in the War of 1812.

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