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  Cleaning Up the Neighbourhood

Aug 22, 2013 14:43 ET

Graffiti is an act of vandalism that costs communities in increased taxes, declining property values and slumping local business. Today, Insp. Rolf Kluem from East Division joined members from the Clarington Safe Communities Committee who rolled up their sleeves to tackle the issue head on.

Committee members spent the morning removing graffiti around Dr. G. J. MacGillivray Public School in Courtice to help promote a positive community image. “We are trying to raise awareness of the negative effects graffiti can have on a neighbourhood or business community,” said Insp. Kluem. “By taking a proactive approach and using a little elbow grease, we are letting people know that we take this seriously and will take the appropriate steps to make sure it’s removed.”

The Clarington Safe Communities Committee was created in 2012 with members from various schools boards, local government agencies, and business and community groups, to address key issues in their neighbourhoods. For more information about the committee, please contact Clarington Safe Communities Chair Chris Newman at

Police would like to remind the public that if you notice suspicious activity, property damage or graffiti in your neighbourhood, please report it to police so it can be investigated.

Below are attached files.
graffiti thumb (JPG file, 41.0K bytes)
Firehouse Youth Centre Volunteer Michelene, Insp. Kluem and Mayor Foster put in some hard work (JPG file, 565.9K bytes)
More volunteers help with the removal of graffiti (JPG file, 522.1K bytes)
Insp. Kluem uses some elbow grease (JPG file, 562.1K bytes)