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  Raising the Flag with a Great Community Partner

Oct 07, 2013 13:27 ET

DRPS Chief Constable Mike Ewles helped raise the flag to mark the creation of Grandview Day in Durham Region. October 9, 2013 will be the first ever Grandview Day—to raise support, awareness and funds for Grandview Children’s Centre. Grandview supports thousands of children with special needs and their families in Durham.

Along with Chief Ewles, also in attendance to support the event was Regional Chair and PSB Chair Roger Anderson, Sgt. Emmy Iheme, Insp. Nick Lisi and Oshawa Fire Chief Steve Meringer.

The Oshawa Civic Band provided the music for children from the Campbell Children’s School as they marched the flag to the ceremony. Lorraine Sunstrum-Mann , Executive Director at Grandview, welcomed the crowd, which included Grandview staff and community members, and thanked the Region as well as the DRPS for its support. Roger Anderson spoke about the important role this organization has in the community.

Students and staff watched and cheered as the flag was raised. Celebrate Grandview Day on October 9, 2013! Visit for more information about Grandview Children’s Centre and other Grandview Day activities.

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