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  Citizens Awarded for Going Above and Beyond

Oct 30, 2013 08:34 ET

At a special ceremony this morning, Durham Regional Police honoured citizens who have gone above and beyond to improve public safety over the past year.

Chief Constable Mike Ewles, Sgt. Emmy Iheme, Durham Regional Police Services Board Chair and Regional Chair Roger Anderson, DRP senior officers and local mayors presented awards to 17 citizens who chose to take action, either by assisting those in need or helping to stop or solve a crime. Sometimes, these citizens put their own safety at risk. The ceremony was held in the Council Chamber at Regional Headquarters in Whitby.

Officers nominate citizens to receive an award when they assist police in improving public safety in our community.

Recognized for their efforts were:

Michelle Soadey, Ben Crowe and a male who wishes to remain anonymous: These three citizens discovered a room in an abandoned house in north Pickering slated for demolition that had been turned into a confinement room. It had cement walls, new tiled floor, a shatter- and noise-proof window, two large chains hanging from the ceiling and a large medical-type table positioned under the large chains. The men not only reported the room to police, but also assisted the investigators to identify the suspect.

Victoria Bozinovski: On Christmas Day, Victoria spoke to an elderly man needing directions at a gas station in Pickering. She later recognized his name from a DRPS media release, stating he was a missing person. She not only called to report that she had seen him that day, but she also drove around the area looking for him. Victoria found the man in Ajax and stayed with him until police arrived.

David Hannah: This 15-year-old Grade 9 student was delivering newspapers when he saw a man trapped under a car in Ajax. The victim was had been working on his vehicle when it collapsed on him. He was unable to call for help and suffering from chest injuries. David called for help and the victim was taken to hospital where he fully recovered from his injuries.

Stacey Hadden: Stacey is a teacher in Ajax who was outside with her students when one began to suffer an asthma attack. The student's puffer was found but it was empty. As the student began to lose consciousness, Stacey performed CPR until an ambulance arrived, saving the boy’s life.
Daniel Myers and Artemio Lobrin: These two citizens drove past a house with its garage on fire in Ajax and stopped to help. They alerted the homeowners and helped them evaluate, then tried to put out the fire. They both noticed a propane tank in the garage and backed away. A short time later, there was an explosion in the garage and the fire spread. Daniel and Artemio also helped evacuate residents on either side of the house.

Marc Chiasson: Marc and his family observed what appeared to be an impaired driver in Port Perry. As his wife contacted police, Marc followed the driver to a gas station. He confronted the man and attempted to take away his keys. Police arrived on scene and arrested the man for impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

Luma Hsan: While working as a bank teller in Courtice, Luma was approached by a masked man who demanded cash. After she complied, the man fled the scene. Luma was able to give a great description of the suspect to investigators, as well as tell them that she recognized the cologne and the voice of the suspect, as he was a regular client. Investigators were able to arrest the male a short time later.

Lucas Pearson, Harry Williamson and Stephen Orr: These three citizens witnessed a vehicle lose control and crash into a tree in Clarington. They stopped to assist. The vehicle had caught fire but the three still pulled an injured man from the vehicle. He screamed from the pain and asked them to stop, but they continued, knowing the fire was a danger. Soon after they freed the man, the car was fully engulfed in flames.

Andrea Stevens, Tafari Van Rossum and Dylan Clark: These three citizens observed a vehicle leave the roadway and strike a hydro pole in Whitby. The driver had suffered a medical episode and was unconscious in the vehicle, which had caught fire. Andrea, Tafari and Dylan pulled the driver from the burning vehicle and performed CPR until an ambulance arrived.

Daniel Dicaire: Daniel witnessed a vehicle driving on the wrong side of the roadway in Whitby. He followed in his own vehicle, flashing his lights to warn drivers ahead. When stopped at a traffic light, he approached the driver and observed he was impaired. Daniel removed the keys from the impaired driver’s ignition and asked another citizen to call police.

DRP would like to extend their heartfelt thanks to these citizens for their outstanding contributions. They should all feel proud of their accomplishments and that they had the courage to step up at a time of need to make a difference in their community.

Congratulations to all of the recipients!

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