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  Chief Concerned about Proposed Marihuana Law

May 27, 2003 11:04 ET

Chief Kevin McAlpine expressed his concerns today regarding proposed federal legislation that modifies penalties for marihuana possession.

The proposed national Drug Strategy still makes possession of marihuana illegal, but replaces the traditional criminal court process and resulting criminal penalties with alternative penalties for possession of 15 grams or less. That amount would be the equivalent of between 11-20 marihuana “joints,” depending on their density and the kind of rolling paper used.

The Chief held up 15 grams worth of traditional cigarettes (with filters removed) to demonstrate to reporters and the public what that volume actually represents. There were 20 cigarettes in the roll. He says that quantity is far more than a recreational user should be using at any one time.

The Drug Strategy also provides law enforcement officers with the discretion to give a ticket or issue a summons to appear in criminal court for possession of more than 15 grams and up to 30 grams of marihuana.

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