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  Chief Mackenzie Takes the Reins

Oct 16, 2013 08:41 ET

Mackenzie Jessup celebrated her 10th birthday in grand style when she spent the day as Chief of the Durham Regional Police Service.

Chief Ewles handed over the reins on Oct. 15 when Mackenzie was sworn in at Regional Headquarters during the Police Services Board meeting, as her proud family looked on.

She was chosen as this year’s Police Chief for a Day after a volunteer committee selected her winning essay at a contest held on September 27.

Mackenzie was picked up from Meadowcrest Public School in Brooklin in front of her classmates and teachers, and was escorted to various police buildings around the region to visit members in the Forensic Identification, Communications/911 and Traffic Services Units before heading to the Police Education and Innovation Centre for some hands-on training. At the PEIC, she got to try some Use of Force options and even got to fire a Taser! Chief Mackenzie wrapped up the best birthday ever by flying over her school in Air1.

Mackenzie will complete her duties when she reads her essay to a sold-out crowd of over 600 people on Oct. 17 during the 11th Annual Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night.

The DRPS would like to thank her for doing such a great job and for being a role model to the kids in her school. Congratulations Chief Mackenzie on a job well done!

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cfd thumb (JPG file, 29.2K bytes)
Chief Mackenzie receives a big send-off from her school (JPG file, 170.1K bytes)
Mackenzie and her mom, sister, grandparents and principal join Chief Ewles and Deputies Martin and Burns (JPG file, 144.1K bytes)
A birthday cupcake made her day even that more special (JPG file, 115.4K bytes)
The two Chiefs get down to business (JPG file, 147.2K bytes)
Cst. Plue shows Mackenzie how we monitor the cellblock (JPG file, 134.9K bytes)
Chief Mackenzie watches Communications Supervisor Shawn Muir pull up her house on the map (JPG file, 152.0K bytes)
D/Cst. Groves teaches her how to look at evidence (JPG file, 140.5K bytes)
Fingerprint analyst Mary Beeton shows our mini-Chief fingerprint patterns (JPG file, 127.7K bytes)
Traffic Services teaches Mackenzie about roadway safety (JPG file, 146.4K bytes)
D/Cst. McDonald helps her use the radar gun (JPG file, 128.7K bytes)
Learning defensive tactics at the PEIC (JPG file, 120.4K bytes)
Using some mock pepper spray (JPG file, 97.0K bytes)
D/Cst. King stopped by to introduce Mackenzie to PSD Havoc (JPG file, 176.8K bytes)
D/Cst. Schutt teaches Chief Mackenzie about Air1 safety (JPG file, 145.6K bytes)
Her mom Heather and Mackenzie with D/Cst. Schutt just before take off (JPG file, 187.0K bytes)
Taking to the skies (JPG file, 86.2K bytes)