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  Festive RIDE Drives Home the Message

Nov 19, 2013 08:24 ET

Durham Regional Police delivered a sobering message while launching the 2013/2014 Festive R.I.D.E. program at the Pickering Town Centre on Nov. 18.

All those in attendance were reminded of the heartbreaking consequences involved when people decide to get behind the wheel after drinking. MADD Durham President Michelle Crabb shared her family’s tragic story of when they were told her 20-year-old brother had been killed after riding home in Ajax with a friend who was drunk. The collision occured 10 minutes from the family home.

“No one is ever prepared for that news. It devastates families,” said Michelle. “If everyone had to listen to an officer tell someone their family member had been killed, no one would ever drink and drive.”

The R.I.D.E. team will be out in full force starting Nov. 19 and will be performing spot checks throughout the Region until Jan. 2. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our community partners who work with us to ensure each and every person gets home safely,” said Chief Ewles.

To ensure a safe holiday season, remember these important tips:
- Plan your night out ahead of time so you know how you are getting to and from a party
- Always use a designated driver
- Use cabs or designated driving services to get home safely
- Call someone for a ride if you have been drinking
- Stay overnight

Thanks to MADD Durham, the Region of Durham, OPP Whitby Detachment, Durham Region Transit, GO Transit, the Pickering Town Centre, EMS, Pickering Fire Services and City of Pickering representatives for their support of this event.

Over the past three Festive RIDEs, the DRPS has charged 425 motorists with drunk driving offences (Impaired, Exceed or Refuse). The RIDE team has stopped 32,321 vehicles in locations across Durham Region and administered 1,583 roadside breath tests. They have also charged 170 young drivers (G1 and G2) for having alcohol in their system

DRP would like to thank you for not drinking and driving and for keeping our roads safe. We will once again publish the names of those people charged with drinking and driving offences as part of our Festive R.I.D.E. campaign.

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Chief Ewles and Festive RIDE A/Sgt. Ashfield discuss the RIDE season (JPG file, 305.9K bytes)
Recognizing the dedication and hard work of MADD Durham President Michelle Crabb (JPG file, 396.4K bytes)
Police Services Board Chair and Regional Chair Roger Anderson thanks the RIDE team for their dedication (JPG file, 328.5K bytes)
Teaming up with our community partners for a safe holiday season (JPG file, 943.5K bytes)
Director of Safety and Security Bill Grodzinski is presented with the posters that will be in GO stations across the region (JPG file, 368.6K bytes)