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  DRPS Grants Wish of Young Boy with Cancer

Dec 09, 2013 15:01 ET

A 4-year-old Oshawa boy got to ride around his neighbourhood in a cruiser, visit with the K-9 unit and see Air1 fly overhead earlier today. (Santa also paid him a visit with gifts for his family.) Danny has cancer and he has become a friend of DRPS though a recent chance meeting with an officer.

In the fall, a DRPS officer just happened to stopped to talk to Danny one day as he played in the yard of his family’s home. The officer was simply showing a kind gesture to a young boy by letting him sit in his cruiser and turn on the lights. Little did the officer know that Danny had terminal cancer. His family reached out to Central East Division to thank the officer for his kindness.

His story touched many at DRPS, including Central East Division Inspector Dave Saliba, who helped to arrange this display for Danny and his family.

Below are attached files.
Danny thumb (JPG file, 27.4K bytes)
Danny, his Dad and community visit with TAC officers (JPG file, 1,968.5K bytes)
Danny in a cruiser (JPG file, 1,620.1K bytes)
A salute for Danny as he goes for a ride (JPG file, 2,109.6K bytes)
Danny meets the K-9 unit (JPG file, 2,113.6K bytes)
Danny meets K-9 Ozzie and D/Cst Stephenson (JPG file, 1,839.7K bytes)
Danny's friend with Havoc and D/Cst King (JPG file, 2,054.0K bytes)
DRPS brought Santa to visit Danny with gifts (JPG file, 3,396.8K bytes)