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  Watch Out for Door to Door Energy Scams

Jan 23, 2014 14:27 ET

As the weather gets colder and residents are spending more on the energy needs of their homes and properties, Durham Police are proactively warning residents to be vigilant with door to door phony energy scams.

Potential con artists travel door to door promoting products or programs for homeowners to curb their energy spending. Commodities such as hot water heaters, energy plans and new and improved furnaces are examples of those types of items being offered for sale door to door.

Durham Police are wishing to remind all homeowners of the risks involved in purchasing expensive products or programs without further investigation and suggest residents request literature from the salespeople to research further before a commitment is made. Contact your local energy companies and inquire as to whether or not they are in your area with staff members offering legitimate services or products. When in doubt, do not make payment or enter into any verbal or written agreement before you are certain the sales claim is legitimate.

Report any suspicious activity to police for further investigation if you suspect fraudulent activity.

Watch our Door to Door scam safety video for more information.

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