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  Eating Purple Pancakes for a Good Cause

Mar 04, 2014 14:09 ET

Three DRPS officers had their fill at the annual Purple Pancake Day event in Oshawa today in support of Epilepsy Durham Region (EDR). Along with members from the Army and Mayor John Henry, DRPS Csts. Matt Forget, Dan Grondin and Jeff Rutherford (all from Central East Division) had to eat a large stack of purple pancakes as quickly as they could. Diamonds Grill was the host of the event and made the delicious (and very purple) pancakes.

As last year’s winner, Cst. Matt Forget came to Purple Pancake Day to defend his title. But, in the end, Mayor Henry beat out the competition and won by downing his stack the fastest. Cst. Grondin came in a close second place.

The EDR event aims to promote awareness and understanding of epilepsy, as well as to promote the Global Purple Day for Epilepsy on March 26, 2014. For more information, visit

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Checking out the stack of pancakes (JPG file, 2,670.6K bytes)
Yummy Purple Pancakes (JPG file, 1,599.8K bytes)
The contest is getting close! (JPG file, 1,789.8K bytes)
Adding some syrup. (JPG file, 1,605.7K bytes)
The winner and first runner up with EDR Executive Director Dianne McKenzie (JPG file, 1,336.5K bytes)