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  Enjoy the Weather and Make Sure You Cycle Safely

Apr 03, 2014 11:25 ET

With the arrival of spring (finally), many people are hitting the streets on their bicycles to enjoy the sunshine. We would like to remind everyone to review some important bicycle safety tips and to take the opportunity to review with your children the do’s and don’ts of safe cycling.

Bicycle Safety Tips

• Always wear a helmet.
• Night riders should have a white light at the front of the bike and a red reflector at the rear.
• Dress in bright colours to be seen.
• Use hand signals to let drivers know what you plan to do. This includes signaling left (left arm straight out), stop (left arm bent down) and right (left arm bent up). An alternative to right turn signalling is right arm straight out.
• A bicycle is considered a vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act and riders must obey all the rules of the road. You can be fined for improper bicycle riding, including careless driving ($265 fine), fail to yield ($90 fine), fail to signal ($90 fine) and disobey sign ($90 fine). These are just a few of the fines that cyclists can face if they violate the Highway Traffic Act.

Crime Prevention Tips

• Always lock your bicycle when not in use.
• Lock your bicycle by placing a chain or cable through both wheels and the frame and attach around an immovable object.
• Keep the serial number and a picture of your bike in a safe place at home.
• If your bike is stolen, report it to the police immediately.

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