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  Come Out and See Us During Police Week

May 12, 2014 14:45 ET

Today, the Durham Regional Police were at the Oshawa Centre to kickoff Police Week 2014. In partnership with the RCMP and OPP, the public is invited to come out and talk to our officers and volunteers. Victim Services, the Safe City Oshawa Partnership (SCOP) and Neighborhood Watch have also come out to lend a hand at the booth.

Inspector of Community Safety Eva Reti is especially excited about the event this year. Police Week is an opportunity to give officers, volunteers and auxiliaries a chance to interact with the public. It’s an opportunity to give civilians information beyond the DRPS website.

“This year is especially important because we are doing a survey on Conductive Energy Weapons and this gives the public an opportunity to ask us detailed and pointed questions about their concerns in regards to CEWs to us,” says Inspector Reti. “Our primary focus is still crime prevention, but the public is very concerned about CEWs, so we wanted to take the opportunity to interact with them and address their concerns personally.”

The CEW display includes a new video that explains how CEWs work, what the risks are of when using one and what situations CEWs would be used in while in the field. Officers are also conducting surveys in person in order to gauge public opinion.

We are also focusing on building relationships. “This year is all about community partnerships,” says Cst. Paul Hawrychuk, “and our auxiliary officers and police volunteers are some of our biggest partners. They come out and donate their time to help us put on Police Week, and we’re very grateful to have them.”

Scheduled for third time is the MASONiCh.i.p program on Thursday, May 15, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Parents are welcome to come down and have their children fingerprinted, have their dental records taken, as well as have DNA samples taken, to build a profile for their child. The parents receive a kit with their child’s information inside that can be given to police anywhere in Canada should they ever need it. All the information collected is for the parents and is not kept by the police.

So take some time this week to come and visit us. We’re at the Oshawa Centre until Thursday, May 15.

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Cst. Strong answers questions about the use of CEWs (JPG file, 164.3K bytes)
Our auxiliary officers talk to some teens about drug awareness (JPG file, 181.3K bytes)
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Some of our auxiliary members (JPG file, 192.7K bytes)
The dedicated volunteers (JPG file, 180.6K bytes)