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  Celebrating a Win In the Race Against Drugs

Jul 02, 2014 11:20 ET

Clarington Racing Against Drugs wrapped up in June, but we just announced a winner for the poster design contest. More than 1,400 Grade 5 students participated in the annual Racing Against Drugs contest and the winner was Lily McGivern of Orono Public School. Her delicious prize, a free pizza lunch for her class, was happily delivered by Cst. Paul Hawrychuk and Clarington Fire Capt. Randy Reinhart, Chair and co-Chair of the Racing Against Drugs Steering Committee.

The purpose of the poster contest, like the e-readers given away as prizes to lucky students, is to encourage students to think about healthy, active, lifestyle choices, as well as to create art that can be shared with their peers. Lily’s fabulous poster will be used to promote next year’s Racing Against Drugs event.

The poster contest guidelines were:
• The poster must be created on 24 x 30 (approximately) poster paper or bristol board.
• It should demonstrate a good use of bright colours, as well as, use colour to cover the entire poster.
• The poster must promote positive choices for a healthy lifestyle. This may include positive messages like drug prevention, drug awareness, and healthy choices.
• Incorporate the theme Racing Against Drugs (e.g., symbols of individuals racing on foot, in cars, on motorcycles, on bicycles, highway, roads, airplanes, etc.)
• Avoid symbols, diagrams, pictures or statements that point out the negative effects of making the wrong choices.

Congratulations Lily!

Below are attached files.
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Lily McGivern's winning poster design (JPG file, 124.9K bytes)
Lily McGivern with Cst. Paul Hawrychuk and Clarington Fire Capt. Randy Reinhart (JPG file, 82.1K bytes)