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  DRP Inspector Graduates from FBI Academy

Jul 10, 2014 08:41 ET

As part of their mission, the FBI provides leadership and criminal justice services to international agencies. Now, DRPS is benefitting from that mission with the recent graduation of Inspector Dave Brown from their National Academy Program. The program opened up to international agencies in 1962, at the urging of President John F. Kennedy.

The 25-year veteran spent 10 weeks in Quantico, Viriginia, alongside 220 officers from 46 states and 17 countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Oman, Australia and Pakistan. “It was a rigorous schedule, with classes that covered many topics such as Contemporary Issues in Policing, Psychology of Gangs, Leadership, Ethics and Decision Making, and Police and Media Relations,” said Insp. Brown. “It gave me an opportunity to reflect on my leadership style and to develop new strategies to bring back to Durham Regional Police.”

Also on the agenda was the” Enlightenment Speaker Series,” which featured presentations from Chief Warrant Officer Michael Durrant (the pilot featured in the movie Black Hawk Down), 46-year veteran of policing Commissioner Charles Ramsey (now with the Philadelphia Police Department), and Kirk S. Lippold, who was the commanding officer of the USS Cole (subject of a terrorist attack in 2000). “Through the entire program, the quality of the speakers and instructors was outstanding,” said Insp. Brown.

Along with academics and networking, the FBI puts a strong emphasis on fitness, both physical and mental. The physical fitness is centered on the daunting Yellow Brick Road, a United States Marine Corp course with 28 obstacles. A grueling 6.1 mile course, students must overcome all the obstacles to complete the challenge. Upon successful completion, participants are awarded a yellow brick with their class name on it, and Insp. Brown carried one home in his suitcase.

Not that it was all work and no play, as officers toured Gettysburg, Arlington Cemetery and FBI Headquarters and hosted a Cops Kids event for children of officers killed in the line of duty and an auction that raised more than $16,500 for the Cops Kids & Law Enforcement Memorial.

“This was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a highlight of my career,” said Insp. Brown. “The connections and friendships I have made with colleagues around the world is something I will carry with me moving forward in my career. Thanks to DRPS for their support throughout my time in Virginia.”

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Insp. Brown receives support as DRP Supt. Osborne (a graduate as well), Supt. Mills and retired Supt. Douglass attend his graduation in Viriginia (JPG file, 181.1K bytes)
Officers from Cambodia, Pakistan, Senegal, Oman, and Saudia Arabia honour their gracious American hosts at International Night  (JPG file, 136.5K bytes)
The Canadian Cross of Sacrifice at Arlington Cemetery, honouring Americans who served with Canadian Forces in WWI, WWII & Korean War (JPG file, 120.9K bytes)