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  Youth in Policing Students Help Educate Drivers

Jul 31, 2014 14:19 ET

The 2014 Youth in Policing (YIP) students, alongside DRP officers, were out in full force yesterday to educate motorists about the dangers of speeding.

The summer YIP students got the chance to help DRP conduct radar enforcement on Simcoe Street, north of Conlin Road, in Oshawa. Any motorist who was caught speeding was given the option of receiving a ticket or hearing an essay on the importance of safe driving and the effects it can have on their lives and others.

This campaign was not only created for public awareness on speeding, but also as an educational tool for students. The group ranges from ages 15 to 18, which is when most are learning how to drive. The students learn about the dangers and consequences of speeding first hand, which will create safe and responsible future drivers. Therefore, it is an important learning tool for both new and experienced motorists.

The day saw a total of 76 vehicles pulled over, 39 from the morning, and 37 in the afternoon.

Please remember to drive safe!

Click links below to read two of our students’ essays.

Below are attached files.
YIPradarthumb (JPG file, 45.0K bytes)
Cst. Keith Richards speaks to a motorist about speeding. (JPG file, 322.4K bytes)
Youth in Policing students read their essays to speeding motorists. (JPG file, 424.7K bytes)
Cst. Heather Wilson shows YIP student how to use the radar. (JPG file, 279.1K bytes)
Essay 1 (PDF file, 90.7K bytes)
Essay 2 (PDF file, 66.6K bytes)