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  Back to School Traffic Safety

Sep 02, 2014 08:58 ET

With the start of new school year, many children bike or walk to school on busy roads. For drivers, it is important to use extra caution around school zones and for caregivers to teach children safety while on the streets, especially younger ones. Show your kids our Back to School Safety video with Officer Astrid and review the points below to ensure safe travels.

For drivers:

Remember back to school means there are more children out walking and riding their bikes. Younger children do not have the same knowledge about traffic safety, so motorists should drive slower in school areas.

• Be aware of school signs.
• Reduce your speed in these areas.
• Be ready to stop at all times.
• Make eye contact with children who are waiting to cross the street.
• Be patient when waiting for children to finish crossing.
• Stop when you are directed to by a crossing guard.

For children:

Teaching your children some basic roadway safety tips will help ensure they can get to and from school without any problems.

• Kids should always walk on the sidewalks where possible and never on the road.
• Use crosswalks, school crossings and obey all intersection signals when attempting to cross the street.
• Always stop and look both ways before crossing.
• If they can, have children use the buddy system when travelling back and forth to school.
• For students riding a bicycle, always wear a helmet and ensure nothing loose can caught in a bicycle chain such shoelaces or backpack straps.
• Ensure kids wear proper shoes.
• Never wear headphones while riding a bike as you can’t hear any warnings from cars honking or someone yelling.

Durham Regional Police is asking everyone to travel with care and slow down, especially within Community Safety Zones, so we can ensure as safe school year for everyone.

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