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  An Exciting Day with Our New Chief

Oct 27, 2014 09:19 ET

It may have been cloudy and rainy outside, but the inside of Regional Headquarters was brightened by the smile of a new addition to our team. Chief Paul Martin swore in our Chief for a Day, nine-year-old Victoria Broomer, when she took her oath of office in front of her new staff members on October 21. Victoria earned her place as Chief for a Day when she read her essay in front of a panel of community judges late last month.

Chief Victoria was picked up at Hillsdale Public School and escorted to Regional Headquarters Tuesday morning where a Change of Command ceremony took place and she was sworn in as Durham Regional Police Chief for a Day. In the crowded boardroom, Chief Victoria was overwhelmed by the amount of support she received and was excited to get on with her day!

Chief Victoria had a busy day as she visited various police units including the Forensic Identification Unit, the Central Cellblock, Communications and the Police Education and Innovation Centre . She also had the opportunity to inspect the DRPS motorcycles and Traffic Services vehicles. Chief Victoria had a surprise visit from K-9 Blitz before completing her day with a ride in the police helicopter Air1.

Our Chief for a Day will complete her duties as she reads her essay to a sold-out crowd of 600 people on Oct. 23 during the 12th Annual Police Appreciation Dinner and Awards Night.

Below are attached files.
Chief Martin and Chief Victoria (JPG file, 786.4K bytes)
Chief Victoria's school gives her a big send off (JPG file, 423.0K bytes)
Making her first official phone call as chief (JPG file, 297.5K bytes)
Chief Victoria and her proud family (JPG file, 355.8K bytes)
Visiting our Communications Unit (JPG file, 354.7K bytes)
Checking out our motorcycles (JPG file, 355.6K bytes)
Looking for fingerprints in our Forensic Identification Unit (JPG file, 322.0K bytes)
Chief Victoria has great aim (JPG file, 229.8K bytes)
Cst. Lafrance teaches Chief Victoria how to shoot the taser (JPG file, 282.6K bytes)
Making a good arrest (JPG file, 285.3K bytes)
A surprise visit from D/Cst. King and K-9 Blitz (JPG file, 351.8K bytes)
Chief Victoria is ready to take flight in Air1 (JPG file, 293.4K bytes)
Up, up and away (JPG file, 254.0K bytes)