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  Hey Pedestrians - Let's Do the Bright Thing

Oct 28, 2014 10:10 ET

Our officers made some morning commuters day a little bit brighter at the launch of the Do The Bright Thing campaign.

In an effort to promote pedestrian safety, DRP officers, in partnership with the Ministry of Transportation, GO Transit and the Region of Durham Traffic Department, handed out reflective zipper pulls to citizens getting on the GO Transit trains at the Oshawa GO Station concourse. They also handed out pamphlets to educate citizens on how both pedestrians and motorists can make it safer for pedestrians on our roadways.

The aim of the campaign is to promote and reinforce pedestrian safety, including urging pedestrians to wear reflective clothing, refrain from texting or talking on their cellphone while crossing roadways, and to use caution when crossing the street.

For drivers, be alert for pedestrians at all times, especially at intersections and crosswalks, and even more so in low light or poor weather. Watch for vehicles slowing down around you as they may be yielding to a pedestrian.

Since September, more than 27 collisions involving a pedestrian have occurred, including two fatal pedestrian traffic collisions. Seniors are a particularly vulnerable group and are more likely to be seriously injured or killed if struck.

Lets work together to ensure everyone can travel safely in our region.

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Our officers hand out reflective zipper pulls at the Oshawa GO Station (JPG file, 259.8K bytes)