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  New Funding to Help Support Seniors in Our Community

Nov 06, 2014 16:31 ET

Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services Yasir Naqvi granted the Durham Regional Police $100,000 to provide further support to our senior citizens.

Minister Yasir Naqvi, Chief Paul Martin, MPP Durham Granville Anderson, Deputy Chief Scott Burns and our Senior Support team welcomed the news at a press conference held November 6 at Regional Headquarters in Whitby.

The money comes from the Proceeds of Crime Front Line Policing Grant, which allows money taken out of the hands of wrongdoers to be used to support crime prevention and community safety programs.

Increasing access to resources at the local level to reduce crime and enhance community well-being is critical to preventing crime and building stronger communities, said Minister Naqvi. It is incredible to see what can be accomplished when police and the community work side-by-side to create opportunities for youth, prevent crime and build safer communities in Durham and across Ontario.

Our Senior Support team of Sergeant John Keating and Region of Durham Senior Safety Advisor has a new teammate in their drive to ensure our senior population is living a healthy and safe life by the addition of Front Line Response Coordinator Jennifer Josephson. The role of the coordinator is to answer calls for assistance from police, and follow up on referrals from the Durham Region Elder Abuse Advisor. The new coordinator will be able to check on the well-being of the seniors, or complete social support assessments in person, with the intent of connecting seniors directly to relevant community agencies, as soon as possible.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services for their support in our efforts to better meet the increasing needs of our senior citizens. Protecting this vulnerable sector of our community is a top priority for our organization, said Chief Martin. By adding a Frontline Seniors Response Coordinator, we can provide additional support to those victims of elder abuse and neglect.

Granville Anderson, MPP Durham was also on hand and proud of the efforts being made across Ontario in using the proceeds of crime in a way to benefit the community.

If you know of any senior citizen in our community who needs our assistance, please contact Sgt. Keating at

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Minister Yasir Navqi and Chief Martin at the announcement (JPG file, 161.6K bytes)
Chief Martin stresses the importance of supporting and protecting the vulnerable citizens in our community (JPG file, 114.5K bytes)
Deputy Chief Burns, Chief Martin, Jennifer Josephson, MPP Durham Granvillle Anderson, Minister Yasir Naqvi, Tammy Rankin and Sgt. Keating (JPG file, 129.7K bytes)