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  DRPS Unveils New Tool to Combat Drinking and Driving

Jan 28, 2015 11:11 ET

DRPS unveiled a new RIDE command vehicle at Regional Headquarters today and will use this new tool on Super Bowl Sunday, to keep our streets safe from impaired drivers.

"Impaired driving continues to be a deadly problem across Canada. On average it claims 1,200 and 1,500 lives and close to 64,000 injuries every year," said Durham Region Chairman Roger Anderson as he commended the efforts and successes of the DRPS RIDE team.

Chief Paul Martin also spoke highly of the DRPS' initiatives against impaired driving, noting that over the past three years, our Festive RIDE team has taken 337 drunk drivers off the road, and during this past campaign, Durham Region had no alcohol-related traffic deaths or injuries. His closing comment praised our high conviction rate of those arrested at RIDE checks and speaking directly to those celebrating Super Bowl Sunday, he said, "We will be there, and we will catch you, and chances are, you will be convicted."

Michelle Crabb, treasurer for MADD Durham Region, shared the tragic loss of her brother to an impaired driver in 2007 and how she knows this new vehicle will assist greatly in fight against drinking and driving.

Durham Regional Police would like to advise all motorists that drinking and driving will not be tolerated on our streets. Please plan ahead and choose another option to get home safely, such as public transit, taxi or designated driver, or make arrangements to stay overnight.


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