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  Protect Your Property Day Across Ontario

Feb 25, 2015 10:04 ET

The Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) has declared February 25 Protect Your Property Day to remind residents to take important steps to prevent crime.

DRPS is joining with police across Ontario to encourage everyone including homeowners, young people, seniors, businesses and renters to take the time and consider how they can protect their property and avoid the financial as well as emotional costs of being a victim of crime

Protect Your Property Day is part of the OACPs annual crime prevention campaign, which focuses on a broad range of crimes that impact Ontario residents and businesses, including on-line fraud, identification theft and other cybercrimes, auto theft, break-and-enters, bullying, and elder abuse. A new crime prevention booklet is now available to members of the public though the OACP and police services. The booklet contains helpful crime prevention tips and information.

While some types of property crime such break-and-enters are down, other crimes such as on-line identification theft and fraud increasing. Police also remain concerned about the number of crimes that are never reported to police.

Please find the booklet attached. For more tips on Crime Prevention and personal safety please visit the Crime Prevention area of our website.

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OACP Crime Prevention Booklet (PDF file, 3,602.3K bytes)