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  Anti-Cyber Bullying Legislation Protects Victims of Online Crime

Mar 10, 2015 10:24 ET

The federal government recently passed Bill C-13 in an effort to prevent anti-cyber bullying across Canada. The legislation is aimed at combating online harassment by making it illegal to distribute intimate images of a person without their consent.

To adapt to ever changing technologies, the Protecting Canadians from Online Crime Act gives police the tools they need to remain effective in investigating crime. It modernizes investigative tools in the Criminal Code to facilitate the investigation of crime that involves electronic evidence, including the new offence of distributing an intimate image of a person without consent.

The goal of Bill C-13 is to make Canadians, young people in particular, safer while allowing them to protect their personal integrity when it comes to sharing images and information online. The consequences of sharing such intimate images can often be devastating.

In addition to making it illegal to distribute non-consensual intimate images, the Bill will also:

*Empower a court to order the removal of intimate images from the Internet;
*Permit the court to order forfeiture of the computer, cell phone or other device used in the offence;
*Provide for reimbursement to victims for costs incurred in removing the intimate image from the Internet; and
*Empower the court to make an order to prevent someone from distributing intimate images.

For more information on cyber-crime and the new legislation please visit the Government of Canada website.

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