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  Inspect Your Vehicle For a Smooth Drive This Spring

Apr 14, 2015 14:44 ET

The mild weather has finally arrived and motorists are reminded that spring is a perfect time to complete an inspection of your vehicle. A quick circle check will ensure the vehicle is in a good state of repairs and meets all requirements under the Highway Traffic Act.

It has been a long winter and vehicles suffer from corrosion and break down faster in the winter then in the summer months due to the roadway salt. Take the time now to ensure the vehicle is safe for yourself, family and other motorists.

Take a walk around the vehicle and pay particular attention to tire tread depths and any noticeable irregularities on the sidewalls. Check that the lights, horn and power mirror are operative and functioning well. Top up the washer fluid and make sure the windshield is free of cracks or chips and windshield wipers are in good shape. Brakes (including parking brake) must have adequate depth left; take your vehicle to a certified mechanic if you are unsure about the condition of brakes and tires. Make sure to check the oil regularly and have it changed when required.

Licence plates must be completely visible and not obscured, faded, rusted or flaked/faded off. Drivers can obtain new plates from the Ministry of Transportation for a minimal cost which is much cheaper than the corresponding $110.00 fine under the Highway Traffic Act.

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