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  Hub Model Gaining Momentum

Jun 19, 2015 14:18 ET

Human service agencies from across Durham Region got a "hands on" demonstration of the new Community Hub model at a special meeting in Oshawa on June 19th.

Facilitated by consultant Norm Taylor and organized by the DRPS, Durham Region Housing, Durham Children´┐Żs Aid Society, Durham Distruct School Board and the Central East Local Health Integration Network, about 30 local agencies discussed the specific details of the collaboration model and actually tested a few cases this morning.

Chief Paul Martin brought greetings and encouraged all agencies to continue the spirit of teamwork that will make the hub model successful in Durham Region.

The collaborative hub of service providers is not driven by one organization in particular. Instead, the hub finds solutions to community challenges by crafting multi-sector collaborative approaches and empowering agencies to do what they do best. This approach allows agencies to scale the impact of their interventions and to design comprehensive multi-agency solutions to help to those in need.

By using this approach in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, there has been double-digit reduction in emergency room admissions, child protection cases, prosecutions, violent crime and youth victimization.

One of the key architects of the hub model of risk-driven intervention is Taylor, originally from Oshawa, who is helping local agencies in Durham Region learn about the benefits of a collaborative approach. Using a four-filter, multi-stage approach, the privacy concerns of individuals are safeguarded and a more wholesome, inclusive approach to improving service delivery is gained.

Hubs break down institutional silos by respecting the expertise and mandated roles of service providers while getting them to interact more with other human service professionals. Together, they can understand the full picture about their clients and get a better understanding about risk to the person or to the community.

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