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  New Online Services for the Public

Jun 22, 2015 09:14 ET

Registering a loved one on our Autism Registry or reporting a minor property crime in Durham Region is now just a click away.

Beginning on Monday, June 22, 2015 at 10 a.m., citizens can access two new online reporting systems on this website.

The DRPS Autism Registry will allow caregivers to enter information about individuals under their care with autism. The record will be available only to DRP personnel and will include updated photographs, physical descriptions, past wandering patterns and even advice as to how best approach the person.

For citizens wanting to report minor, non-emergent property crimes, a new online reporting option will also be available. On our website, choose the appropriate categories on dropdown boxes, and report your minor property crime, including photos. Examples of minor property crimes with no suspects include:

Theft Under $5,000: Property taken, such as a lawnmower from your yard, bicycles stolen at school; purses taken from your shopping cart at the grocery store, with no suspects
Theft from Motor Vehicle Under $5,000: Wallets, purses, credit cards, GPS devices, retail purchases stolen from inside your locked or unlocked vehicle.
Lost Property: When you lose your keys, jewelry, cell phone, driver's licence, health card, etc.
Mischief - Property Damage Under $5,000: Deliberate damage or destruction of your property, such as knocked down mailboxes, broken windows, key scratches on cars, etc.
Mischief - Graffiti: Damage to property due to spray paint, such as graffiti on walls or fences.

Non-emergent property crime means there is no immediate threat your safety, no suspect on scene and no potential for injury. You can still call for police officers to attend property crimes or report over the telephone or visit the nearest police station, if that's what you prefer.

To use either service, please click on "Online Services" on the front page of this website and follow the prompts.

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