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  Watch For Motorcycles On Our Roads

Jun 25, 2015 10:26 ET

With Summer finally here, the riding season is in full force and unfortunately DRPS has seen several motorcycle related collisions across our region.

As the weather continues to warm up, more motorcycles will been seen on the roads and DRPS wants to remind riders to make sure their bikes are road ready and all rules are obeyed. Motorists are also reminded to make a point of watching for motorcycles, as they are not always as visible as larger vehicles.

Riders before you hit the road consider the safety tips below:

*Check the tires and wheels thoroughly to ensure the pressure is correct after the winter. Motorcycles are required to have two (front and rear) brakes.

*Mufflers should be in good condition so they do not make unnecessary noise or smoke.

*Like any vehicle, the engine oil and fuel levels should be checked before you ride your motorcycle.

*An approved, undamaged helmet should be worn at all times. This is a violation of the Highway Traffic Act, failure to do so can result in a fine. Riding gear should also be worn such as a jacket with shoulder and elbow padding, leather gloves, leather pants and boots to protect you in case of a fall or collision.

*Be aware, not all motorists may see you so approach intersections with caution. Check over your shoulder and leave space between your bike and other vehicles. Wearing bright coloured clothing can help motorists see you better. Headlights and rear lights must always be on. Also, ensure turn signals and brake lights work properly, if not you must use hand signals.

*As with motor vehicles, alcohol should be avoided when operating a motorcycle. It can impair your judgment and affect your driving.

*Over half of motorcycle accidents are caused by speeding. Obey the speed limit; watch the signs and road conditions carefully.

DRPS wants motorcyclists to be cautious and safe while driving to avoid serious collisions and fatalities. For more information on safe riding and motorcycle training visit the Ministry of Transportation .

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