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  Celebrate Canada Day Safely

Jun 30, 2015 08:39 ET

The DRPS Traffic and Marine Units are offering travel and safety tips to ensure a safe Canada Day and summer season. The Marine Unit started its summer waterway patrol several weeks ago and will be out on Canada Day and for the rest of the summer keeping the waterways safe.

The Marine Unit is reminding all boaters to completely check their vessels prior to launching them for the summer. Under the Small Vessel Regulation of the Canada Shipping Act, all small vessels must be equipped with minimum safety features, such as personal protection equipment, boat safety equipment, distress equipment and navigation equipment. Marine Unit officers will be conducting routine stops, along with safety equipment checks to ensure the equipment is in good working order.

Police also remind boaters not to leave the safety of their vessel in order to retrieve items that fall overboard. A man was pulled out of the water after attempting to retrieve his hat. He was pulled to safety after spending more than six hours in the water after he was unable to get back into his boat.

Officers will also be conducting R.I.D.E. on the waterways and remind operators that operating a boat while impaired carries the same penalty as impaired driving in a motor vehicle. Penalties may include a driver licence suspension, a fine and possible incarceration.

Be safe, wear your life preserver and don't drink and boat.

The DRPS Traffic Services Branch is reminding all motorists to take the time to check their vehicles, including tires, wipers, brakes, lights, seat belts and fluid levels to ensure safe operation. Officers will be keeping a vigilant watch for unsafe vehicles, impaired/distracted/aggressive drivers and seat belt violations all of which were contributing factors in fatal collisions across the region.

Traffic is expected to be heavier than usual this upcoming weekend so members of the Traffic Services Branch are asking that drivers continue to be safe, be patient, plan ahead and drive with respect.

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