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  Police Auction Website A Great Success For DRP

Aug 12, 2015 13:19 ET

DRPS continues to see success from a partnership with Police Auctions Canada that offers online bidding for various lost or stolen items that have never been claimed.

Prior to putting the agreement in place last year, recovered property had been accumulating in a police warehouse before being sent to an auction house twice a year for sale.

Sergeant Brian Debosky of the DRP Property Unit was key in facilitating the partnership and says it's great to have this contract in place. "The partnership is helping us move property faster and more efficiently," he says. "It also means greater exposure to an online community of citizens who may be interested in the property."

Toronto based Police Auctions Canada was awarded the contract and picks up property from DRPS once a month for the online auction site. There is no cost to DRPS and all commissions are covered by the sale of the items. As per the Ontario Police Services Act, the proceeds go to the Police Services Board, which re-invests the funds in community charities.

There are a varied number of items up for auction at any given time, including bicycles, power tools, clothing, watches, TVs, and other electronics. Please visit Police Auctions Canada to browse a full list of items. Happy bidding!

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