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  DRPS Discusses Business Plan at Regional Council

Oct 14, 2015 12:13 ET

As part of our 2017-2019 Business plan consultations, members of DRPS and the Police Services Board(PSB) attended the Durham Regional Council meeting in Whitby to gather feedback regarding policing priorities.

Members including Chief Paul Martin, PSB member Stindar Lal and Manager of Strategic Planning Rob Wallington addressed the group about the upcoming community-focussed business plan. Several council members then discussed their top policing priorities for enhancing public safety in the communities they serve. Among the top priorities were traffic safety and speed enforcement, mental health issues, diversity and inclusivity and human trafficking.

The 2017-2019 Business Plan will help shape the strategic direction of the DRPS. Police services boards in Ontario are required by law to have multi-year business plans - blueprints for policing programs and service delivery.

This meeting with council is one of several being held across the region to obtain feedback before the plan is finalized. The DRPS operates within a three-year planning cycle and always conducts a public opinion survey as part of the research. Members of the community are encouraged to provide feedback by taking our survey here.

The DRPS values the opinions of its stakeholders and is interested in acknowledging their ideas and concerns in the upcoming business plan. Bringing issues and ideas forward is an important step in improving DRPS programs and services. The current Business Plan is available on our website here.

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