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  Taking the Plunge for a Good Cause

Feb 08, 2016 15:18 ET

Four officers from North Division joined six other teams for a chilly dip in Lake Scugog during the Polar Plunge in Port Perry on Saturday.

Csts. Kristy Frech, Anthony Bowers, Brad Gibbs and Mike Lasseter bravely took a running leap into the frigid water, uniform and all, beside Palmer Park. They were all smiles as they warmed up in the waiting hot tub.

With the tagline "Freezin' for a Reason," the event brought groups together to raise funds for the Lakeridge Health Port Perry Hospital Auxiliary Fund. DRPS and the DRPA joined together to make a donation to the charity. The Polar Plunge is a part of Port Perry's annual Feb Fest.

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Freezin For A Reason (JPG file, 328.2K bytes)
Before the big plunge (JPG file, 397.2K bytes)
Port Perry Town Crier Welcomes the Crowd (JPG file, 519.0K bytes)
Taking a Running Leap (JPG file, 2,377.5K bytes)
Big Jump (JPG file, 548.8K bytes)
Canon Ball into Lake Scugog (JPG file, 567.6K bytes)
Getting Out Fast (JPG file, 586.8K bytes)
Warming Up in the Hot Tub (JPG file, 767.7K bytes)