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  Telephone Scam Offers Lower Rates

Mar 10, 2016 09:46 ET

As Fraud Month continues, DRPS would like to warn residents about a common telephone scam.

There has been an influx in telephone calls regarding telemarketing scams offering to lower your current credit card interest rate. The calls often come from what appears to be a legitimate bank (based on call displays). The purpose of the scam is to obtain the credit card number from the unsuspecting client.

There have even been offers to obtain three per cent cash back on all purchases made via the credit card, however, the catch is, a one-time payment of an amount of $2500 is charged to the credit card.

The people involved are generally very articulate and sound very professional. These people already have several pieces of identification belonging to the person they are attempting to scam. They use this information to further layer the scam by making the victim feel that they are a real bank employee. In certain cases the fraudster will transfer you to another department (which may be just handing the phone to another fraudster) and then that new person will ask you for the credit card number, etc.

Banks will not offer such deals, especially over the phone. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. If you receive a call like this, please contact your bank branch directly.

If you have already become a victim of this scam or a similar one, please contact a member of the Durham Regional Police Service � Major Fraud Unit at 905-579-1520.

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