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  "In the Zone" and Operation School Zone ABCs Focus on Safety

Mar 21, 2016 09:46 ET

DRPS officers from every Division will be targeting unsafe drivers around schools for the annual week-long "In Zone" campaign starting on March 21, the first day back to school after March Break. Due to an increased concern about pedestrian and driver safety at certain schools in Whitby, a new targeted enforcement campaign will also begin in conjunction with "In the Zone."

Operation School Zone ABCs is a partnership between DRPS, the Town of Whitby and the Durham District School Board aimed at educating parents and students about safety around schools. A special team of officers from Central West Division will begin a strict enforcement effort at Whitby area schools. Information pamphlets will be available during the initiative, and you can find by-law information on the Town of Whitby's website here.

Operation School Zone ABCs encourages parents, guardians and students to:

A- Always Obey the Signs
B- Bike or Walk to School
C- Co-operate to Make Everything Go Smoothly

Although many schools are known as "walking schools" (meaning the vast majority of students live close enough to walk everyday), more and more people are choosing to drive their kids to school. This increase in vehicular traffic negatively impacts student and community safety by constantly creating a traffic situation that exceeds the roadways capacity and that of the school property, including the kiss and rides.

As a result, we are seeing aggressive and dangerous driving in and around our schools by drivers frustrated with the congestion, and a disregard for posted regulatory signs including, no parking, no stopping, fire routes, and speed limits. There have also been instances of aggressive and rude behaviour by frustrated drivers/parents towards other parents, school officials, teachers, volunteers, enforcement officers and students. All of this adds up to a decrease in safety for children trying to get to school.

Operation School Zone ABCs will continue to run throughout the school year. For more information on the Town's Traffic By-laws please contact Transportation and Parking Services at 905-668-5803 ext. 2292. For more information on the Operation School Zone ABCs initiative, please contact the Central West Division Traffic Unit at ext. 1850.

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