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  Fraudulent Courier Deliveries and Mail Redirects

Mar 23, 2016 08:59 ET

As Fraud Awareness Month continues, Major Crime Fraud investigators have noticed recent trends in fraudulent courier deliveries and the redirecting of personal mail.

If you notice you aren't receiving mail for your regular correspondence related to cell phones, car leases, mortgages, investments and other documents linked to your identity profile, contact your institutions and inquire as to what is going on. Mail redirects are significant and can be linked to criminal activity and your identify profile. This can be a life changing experience for many people.

Durham Region residents have also been victims of confusing courier deliveries. Items such as new and expensive cameras or laptops are couriered to their door in their own names. Shortly after accepting a surprising package, residents receive knocks on the door from someone stating that they are from the courier company and the item was shipped to them by mistake. They then request the item be given back.

Other delivery items are routed to local courier agencies or mail delivery locations with a notice left on the unsuspecting resident's door. Once the resident goes to pick up the package, they are told it has already been picked up.

Often, these types of activities involve members of organized crime. If you receive a package in this manner, followed by a knock at your door and an explanation of courier error, please close your door, lock it and call the police so that it can be investigated immediately. A confrontation is not worth the item or your personal safety.

For more information contact the Durham Regional Police Major Crime Unit at 1-888-579-1520 ext. 5702.

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