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  Striking Up a Conversation

Apr 10, 2016 16:27 ET

Five teams of DRPS members joined the Durham LGBTQ Communities Involved Committee for their annual Bowl-a-thon. The event was a big success, taking over half of the lanes at NEBS Funworld in Oshawa today.

The bowlers dressed the part, with DRPS Pride shirts and colourful necklaces to celebrate the LGBTQ community.

Teams from the Headquarters, West Division, North Division, Central East Division and the Comms/911 Unit knocked down some pins and had a great time. It was an amazing event for striking up the conversation with community members about inclusivity and equality.

Money raised at the bowl-a-thon will get distributed to various local agencies that support the LGBTQ communities.

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Striking Up a Conversation (JPG file, 247.4K bytes)
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